Role Call

Greetings to all of you, as you have all seen over the years, there have been a number of blogs, stories and the like, which have been a mish mash of the Doctor Who Universe (Whoniverse) and The My Little Pony Universe (Poniverse). However, it has been noted that there haven’t been to many that stray far from the main characters of either show.

This Endeavour is slightly different in that respect.

The Story Medium: Audio…. mainly

The Characters: Not often used in their respected Universes, even some newly created ones, though there’ll of course be the regulars from both.

This role call will be for the Pilot of this series.

Working title for the series: Mondas

The Title is a metaphor for the whole shebang, so it might be changed if it appears a bit too obscure.

So, here’s where you come in, the project needs voice actors, some will be required in later stories, some won’t, it’ll be stated in each role call done in future, and present, whether or not a character will be used in the future or not, so keep that in mind.

So with out further delay, lets get to the characters, a link will be provided below to sample lines for each character in this story.

N/A= Not Applicable

RIF= Required In Future

PFR= Possible Future role

C= Cameo

Characters are listed in Order of Most to Least lines in the story

Female Roles

Queen Chrysalis- RIF

Twilight Sparkle- PFR

Princess Luna- RIF, C

Princess Celestia- PFR, C

Male Roles

Changeling War Chief- PFR

Astragalus- N/A

Spike- PFR

Gender not applicable

Mail Pony- C

Changeling Guard 1- C

Changeling Guard 2- C

Night Guard- C

Celestias Guard- C

Hospital Announcer- C

The Entity- RIF or C

Stock and miscellaneous voices are listed in the sample lines (also makes it easier to tell if you’ll work out great for the part, Go Ad lib!)

Here’s the sample lines, it is to be encouraged to ad lib with the lines, play around with them, ad libs are good, ad libs are cooool. and of course all voices used shall be credited in the final product.

Sample audio format: MP3

Send your audio to:

Microphone quality…. going to just go with recommending Blue Snowball as a minimum.

Deadline: going to give a deadline of the 24 of October so the project can get rolling 

Good luck to all, looking forward to hearing what you sound like! the voice snatcher strikes again!

Happy nattering!